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All Come Outta This – One Year Later

Last year, when the pandemic shut-downs were first happening, there was a wonderous virtual meeting of songsmiths gathered to create a song of hope. As a message from musicians to the music community, “All Come Outta This” was created virtually, and was released with an accompanying collage video of musicians in quarantine…


As the Madison music scene is opening back up and county emergency orders are being lifted, what better way to celebrate the anniversary of this song than to gather in person to re-record and do a live video? Here’s the brand new video, “All Come Outta This – One Year Later”

featuring Kevin Mason, Kelly Hepper, Meggie Shays, Jenna Joanis, and Dan Kennedy. Audio by Warm Glow Studios, video by Folk U Productions

This video was SO much fun to make! Wanna check out another BRAND NEW video of a song from the new album? Check out “If You’re Here, I’m Here” in the videos tab!

Tunes on the Battlefield – *COMING JUNE 5th 2021*

killer sketches by Julia Lichty

from the press release…

“…The appropriately-named collection of songs – the bulk of which written in 2020 during the pandemic shutdowns – boasts not only Perry’s powerhouse vocals and signature guitar thump, but a stellar pack of session musicians that provide warm depths and righteous grooves.

Written out of need to cope with the state of the world – and with the state of the local music scene during the pandemic – Tunes on the Battlefield invites us all to give in. The collection as a whole is a cocktail of pent-up hopes, fears, and tears; followed up with a shot glass full of Love and hope. It gives permission to be at least a little pissed off, then holds you while you weep about everything. Songs like ‘Dimensions’ and ‘If You’re Here, I’m Here’ speak to that ever-present sense of disconnection that calls for a firm hug and good long cry. Then songs like ‘Fingers in My Ears’ and the album’s title track ‘Tunes on the Battlefield’ will give you a sleeve to wipe away the tears, pull your pants up, tie your boots on tight, and help get your game face on…”

*PRE-ORDER the new album HERE and get the title track now!*

Virtual Venue Love Fest 2021

A day-long, online music festival to benefit our beloved Madison music venues ❤

“This year, Valentine’s day is going to be extra sweet and full of love for Madison’s local music venues! Four stages, five studio production teams, and twelve local bands and artists will all be teaming up together for a day-long virtual music festival in hopes of raising funds for dozens of local music spots that have been impacted by the state of things over the last year. Artists like Kat & The Hurricane, Old Soul Society, Dana & The Joanis, Kevin Mason, People Brothers Band, and more will be streaming live and “on location” from the stages themselves at Bos Mead Hall, Communication, Cafe Coda, and The Bur Oak. Madison music lovers will be able to donate and watch some of their favorite local bands playing on some of their favorite stages – on either Facebook or YouTube – all day long, 12-9PM. It’s already shaping up to be one of the coolest virtual collabs yet!”

2020 MAMA Awards Winner!

Well hey! We got some awards of Love at the 2020 Virtual MAMA Awards this year! Folk/Americana Performer of the Year, Alternative Album of the Year for my EP “Kill the Rockstar”, and “Dana & The Joanis” won for Unique Artist of the Year. A great big huge hug-n-a-thank-you goes out to the MAMA and to those in the community that voted and donated dollars to the cause ❤

Cargo Music Live Stream Concert Series – On Location

Running all things musical at Cargo Coffee East has been great fun for me for over a year now. As much as it hurts my heart that we can’t have in-person shows right now, I’m so very excited to be bringing about the Cargo Music Live Stream Concert Series – On Location! We’ve been inviting the Artists to live stream from our little blue corner stage at Cargo. I’ve been learning about live streaming through OBS, working with 4 cameras and my fun little video switcher, and getting great doses of live music. Hopefully we can have an in-person audience some day soon, but for now we can tune in on Saturdays to catch some of Madison’s favorite local musicians. We’ve also got our own Cargo Music YouTube channel now!

From “Cargo Music Live Stream – On Location with Dana & The Joanis”

The 2020 MAMA Award nominations are in! Go HERE to vote.

Lullaby Project Carnegie Hall

The Lullaby Project pairs pregnant women and new mothers and fathers with professional artists to write and sing personal lullabies for their babies, supporting maternal health, aiding child development, and strengthening the bond between parent and child. In New York City, the project reaches parents in healthcare settings, homeless shelters, high schools, foster care, and correctional facilities. Extending across the country and around the world, the Lullaby Project enables partner organizations to support families in their own communities…”

Here in Madison, our Lullaby Project crew got to work with mothers through Harambee Village, an amazing group of Black doulas providing support and care for Black mothers. We worked with 5 moms on writing a song for their babies, and the whole Experience was just beautiful. Being able to help a mother express her Love through song…watching the kids dancing and singing along…being around the warrior strength of new mothers, the wisdom and guidance of Black women…seeing the absolute dedication and passion of Harambee Village…they didn’t say in the paperwork I was gonna cry so much…

– Dana

Angela Puerta and Dana – Lullaby Project Madison – “Sleep Little Rosie”

A Quarantine Virtual Collaboration

“…we’re gonna sit right here ’til we all come outta this…”

The covid crisis stormed in and slapped us all with a cold hard calloused hand. People all over the world sick and dying…businesses forced to close…people forced to say in their homes…no touching…no hugging…no gathering for music… all of it breaking my soul.

I wanted to create a song to help get the feels out and give me a sense of hope and Connection to my music tribe while we’re all going through this. A very rare move on my part, I reached out to some other killer songwriters I know; whose music speaks elements of Truth, and could help me say it. Together we created something beautiful and healing, and it gives me hope.

– Dana


New video

It’s Only Water – Kill the Rock Star EP

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