“..speaks as profoundly as the lyrics she composes. Gaining inspiration from her observations, some of her lyrics are as anti-pop culture as singer-songwriter Lorde can boast. Others, like ‘A Lovey-Dovey Ditty,’ are slow and melodic. Her full-bodied voice can carry her words from its jazzy intro through an intricate chorus, filling the room effortlessly, or just naturally bring it down to an edgy, folk timbre..”

Hannah Kazmarek, Project Famous (Feb 19, 2014)


“Perry takes a lot of cues from Ani DiFranco: a fierce individuality, complex, percussive guitar styling, and encyclopedic lyrics that reflect her existentialist intellect…thought-provoking lyrical gems are bountiful…Perry’s vocal range is wide and she can sing with breathy delicacy or with grit, stretching to hit the higher notes with strength and spot-on pitch while speaking with utter frankness…”

Rick Tvedt, Local Sounds magazine (Sep 28, 2016)


“I love this artist; the lyrical style, the delivery, the quality of the guitar playing, solid pitch of the vocals…definitely not selling out to the commercial world.”

-Roy Elkins, Founder & CEO of Broadjam, Inc.


Maximum Ink Magazine (January 2017)

max ink cover (jan 2017)