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Praise for Reclamation:

“In a world of over-produced music, Dana Perry’s ‘Reclamation’ is a cleansing breath of fresh air. Spiritual without being preachy, deep yet still accessible, this album’s tasteful embellishments will resonate with fans of Dana’s inspiring live shows. Her authenticity shines through in all she does!”

Beth Kille, producer & award winning songwriter

“…’Reclamation’ does just that. It provides a fresh take…further enhanced with a unique instrumentation by Jenna Joanis and David Brian. Dana’s poignant lyrics are a source of deep life reflections that will immediately relate to her audience.”

Karen Wheelock, singer/songwriter & co-host on The Jimmy K Show on 91.7fm WSUM

“This album really gives you a glimpse into Dana’s sole…”

-Jimmy K, host of The Jimmy K Show on 91.7fm WSUM

“When I listen to Dana’s music I feel connection, a realness, and like I’m listening to a story about myself. I really admire the guitar work on this album. Dana takes you on a ride, sometimes the guitar drives and sometimes she does. All of it comes together and is genuine and real…hauntingly real, showing off these musicians’ sacrifice for their love of music, and their connection to life.”

Blythe Gamble, local blues broad & MAMA Award winner

“…wonderful! Love, joy, hope, pain, despair, frustration…it’s all in there!”

-Kris Huehne, hardcore Madison music enthusiast and show-goer

“…genuine and captivating, her sound is endlessly engaging.  Dana Perry doesn’t only reclaim her roots in this new album, but she refortified them…”

-Cooper Talbot, host of Her Infinite Variety on 89.9fm WORT

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