Madison-based evo-folk artist Dana Perry has been making music passionately for 30 years, with over 15 years of focus on playing guitar and songwriting. A thumping guitar style, combined with poignant lyrics and powerhouse vocals; her music resonates with anyone who recognizes that we are all on our own Journey.

Dana is a 15-time winner at the Madison Area Music Association (MAMA) Awards; including Acoustic Guitarist of the Year (2019) and Folk/Americana Performer of the Year (2020), and Best Female Vocalist (2021). Her most recent album Tunes on the Battlefield won the 2021 MAMA award for Folk/Americana Album of the Year. Often sought after for her moving live performances, she has been featured at many a songwriter showcase since 2013. Perry gives a vulnerable-yet-fierce delivery of original songs that focus on the Divine nature of music and the internal journey of being human. Whether playing with a group or just her guitar, on a festival stage or in the corner of a coffee shop; there’s a passion for musical storytelling that can captivate a room. Dana shares gritty songs of trials and triumphs – with a deep self-inquiry, and an invitation for self-evolution.

Most notably practiced through her craft, Perry has a steadfast way of pursuing personal growth. “Her music gives us an understanding of the depths one must go to find that missing link, teaches lessons of being in the moment of each footstep along the path, knowing that every pebble or pandemic in the way will be met with a united front” said one dedicated listener. “…As you continue that level of deep listening, it paints profound reflections of thoughts and feelings you didn’t know you had…and the song becomes about you and your journey…” – Deb Guisleman, 2020 MAMA Award winner, Local Music Fan of the Year.

She has self-released 6 albums – 3 of them she recorded herself under Folk U Productions, a DIY mobile studio she runs with her partner.  When she’s not on the road, Dana teaches songwriting and guitar workshops, is a guitar instructor/band coach for Girls Rock Camp Madison, and music coordinator at Cargo Coffee East.

“I love this artist; the lyrical style, the delivery, the quality of the guitar playing, solid pitch of the vocals…definitely not selling out to the commercial world.”

Roy Elkins, Founder & CEO of Broadjam, INC.
photo by Denny Egstad

“Perry takes a lot of cues from Ani DiFranco: a fierce individuality, complex, percussive guitar styling, and encyclopedic lyrics that reflect her existentialist intellect…thought-provoking lyrical gems are bountiful…Perry’s vocal range is wide and she can sing with breathy delicacy or with grit, stretching to hit the higher notes with strength and spot-on pitch while speaking with utter frankness…”

Rick Tvedt, Local Sounds magazine (Sep 28, 2016)

“…genuine and captivating, her sound is endlessly engaging…”

Cooper Talbot, host of Her Infinite Variety on 89.9fm WORT

Music samples

Tunes on the Battlefield
The Invitation