Sofa Sessions

You know, it’s fun being a performing musician. I’ve gotten to play on big stages with killer sound and lights, looking out at a patchwork quilt of faces looking up at me, feeling the electric pounding pulses from my head to my feet. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind experience, as is being an audience member at a show like that – getting to see my favorite Artists bathed in lights and smoke and electricity, blowing out my ear drums with sheer awesomeness. However…

…there is nothing like the Experience of being able to sit directly across from a spine-tingling musician, actively doing their thing, completely unplugged. No sound gear, no electric frequencies between you. No elevated stage to separate you. No spotlights. No “performance”: just the Artist and the Listener, sitting together around a coffee table, making music and sharing stories. Raw. Organic. Natural. Real.

I like being a Listener in those scenarios, as well as an Artist. As a Listener, I get to Experience some truly amazing music, right in front of me, so raw and full of Here and Now that I could almost taste the sweet sweet melodies. And as an Artist, there’s something about sharing my music in that manner that makes me feel more…Connected…

I feel that both Artists and Listeners can benefit from Experiencing music in this way, and that’s why I wanted to start “Sunday Sofa Sessions“. It’s a monthly gathering of Artists and Listeners, where we take over the cozy couch areas of various local coffee shops and venues to make music, raw and unplugged. The Artists will play songs, share stories, jam on each other’s tunes; and the Listeners kick back and take in some killer good sounds. It’s an opportunity to cultivate real connections with your music, your Artists, your Listeners. I wanna feel all of that gooey good stuff we love about music, unplugged. Unfiltered. Organic. Just raw music you can taste. ❤

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