So this is a thing.

Writing used to be quite regular for me.  In my late teens/early 20s, it was not uncommon for me to start my day off with some form writing, accompanied by tunes and coffee.  While I do still have the tunes-n-coffee morning ritual often, there was a lack of writing for several years.  I write my songs of course, but the process of writing just to write – letting the word vomit push its way through – used to be pretty regular.  Over the last few years it seems I only do it when I really need it, but lately I’ve felt the urge to write as a means of regular thought processing,

I’ve realized that like most of us, I have a lot of stories to share; things to communicate, to speculate about, ideas and musings and whatnot, shit to say about shit, etc.  And I am often the one that is most entertained by my thoughts, much more so than anyone else could possibly be.  For me, when I write about certain things, there is almost always some sort of Grand Understanding that has been gained within myself by the end of it all.  Perhaps it’s the physical act of writing; the holding of the pen, touching it to a fresh blank page, chaotic firings of thought, dancing along with the swoops and curves of the letters…


While my music is always going to say it the best, I’ve been wanting to say it in other ways too – through painting, sketching, creating things, etc.  Things of that nature will eventually be found throughout the website, and here in the blog section is where I’ll be putting some of my writing.  May you find it stimulating in the brain-heart regions. ❤

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